Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Heyall!! wow...i din on my blog for ages! Well im at Malaysia right now(2nd July). I arrive here on 21st june and 22nd june was my birthday party. It went a wee bit bad but my Bestbudz are there so its ok. Today i straightent(wrong spelling) my hair...Well it cost RM280 and took 3 hours. My mom said she like my original hair..but i think i love both of em...i miss my original hair but owh well...and i've got 2 new kittens and 1 baby hamster. Zack and cody is the kitten's name and Deby is my lil angel hamster. I am so bord cz everyones at school and we only can hang out like saturday and sunday. last weekend i went to see my granny and peppi. Well my Peppi just have an operation. Since i came back, yesterday was my 1st day i played with emz on 5 Pm. Tomoz im out of town untill this sunday..we're going to Langkawi. I hope its fun. I uploaded 3 videos on youtube and i took it using my daddy's web cam... I even got my new phone number...On 26 june, i went to my old school SMK USJ 23. They've got like "Hari Koperasi Skolah". It was FUN! I met new friend named Iffa..i know her through SHIFA. Lots of ppl said im getting "cubby". Heehe....well i kno i am.. My teachers are like "hye! hows UK?" haha..Lots of ppl staring at me..It was so wierd....To tell the truth i was scared..heehe. C yah!!<3

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-Zephyrus- said...

Webcam? O_o You mean either digicam or handycam rite?