Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Heyall!! wow...i din on my blog for ages! Well im at Malaysia right now(2nd July). I arrive here on 21st june and 22nd june was my birthday party. It went a wee bit bad but my Bestbudz are there so its ok. Today i straightent(wrong spelling) my hair...Well it cost RM280 and took 3 hours. My mom said she like my original hair..but i think i love both of em...i miss my original hair but owh well...and i've got 2 new kittens and 1 baby hamster. Zack and cody is the kitten's name and Deby is my lil angel hamster. I am so bord cz everyones at school and we only can hang out like saturday and sunday. last weekend i went to see my granny and peppi. Well my Peppi just have an operation. Since i came back, yesterday was my 1st day i played with emz on 5 Pm. Tomoz im out of town untill this sunday..we're going to Langkawi. I hope its fun. I uploaded 3 videos on youtube and i took it using my daddy's web cam... I even got my new phone number...On 26 june, i went to my old school SMK USJ 23. They've got like "Hari Koperasi Skolah". It was FUN! I met new friend named Iffa..i know her through SHIFA. Lots of ppl said im getting "cubby". Heehe....well i kno i am.. My teachers are like "hye! hows UK?" haha..Lots of ppl staring at me..It was so wierd....To tell the truth i was scared..heehe. C yah!!<3

Friday, May 2, 2008

Naddy's life chapter 15

Its almost summer!! Im so exited!! I wanna do lots of lots of things. My life is getting good. But i still quiet at school and i don't know why. Anyway my girlfriend just moved to penang and i was xtreamly sad. Lastyear she was a really cheerful,kind,nice and lovable person but i don't know what happend to her this year. she said "im a good girl gone bad". Haha yeah right. She is gonna stau there like forever. So chance for me to meet her again is like 1/5 %. Im also don't know what happend to shiffa and wann. Mayb they r busy...and im proud to say that im independent girl now!! YEY ME!! So i got this music project, and we have ot like do about our fav singer or music and i choose "Hannah Montana/Miley cyrus". Hee im seriously into it right now. I joined juniour choir at school and its amazing!! I don't really have lots to say so i guess c yeah in next story!!!


Add me if u want to and i'll see if i want to apro0ve you.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cuzun's star

You can find this video in youtube too. just search with name "cuzun's star". We took almost 20 times to make this video perfact.

Rock band..

Okay. I am planning to build a band. I've already got the manager,keyboard player,guitar payer,vocalist and drummer. I need one more guitar player and bassist. This band is only for teenage girls. Who think they r good and love rock songs, please tell me by email me.
This is my email

Sunday, February 17, 2008

naddy's life chapter 10

As Life is go on. I always remeber im not alone. We always need friend.
I want to tell you a story about me and my Best friend for Life. Even thought we only get 1 year to be together,our laugh,our happy time and our greatest adventure are always in my heart and in my mind. I never been this happy in my life. 2007 a lot of things happend to us. Bad things and good things we through together. We bring each other from the dark world to a bright world. Whatever we do we always together. Even sometimes we in fight but it is a simple thing in friendship.Fight will always come to friendship. Fight is our No.1 enemy but sometimes we have to recive it eventhought we hate it. If i had given a choice. Friends Or Borfriend? I will chooce friends. Sharifah,ashyqin and Wan.
I really want you to know that im so appriciate that i have you guys as a BFFL.
Actually i don't really belive in love. But i relize that it is important andi know why everybody want it so much. I have Love now. By shifa,wann and kyn.
They are so awsome and i really miss them. I hope that they won't forget our memory. Our Memory is Gold for me. I take this friendship seriously and i took care of it carefuly. But Now everything has change. We saprate from each other and i don't know if this friendship will last for ever. I hope when im back to malaysia they won't change. I want 2007 ashyqin,wan and shifa. Now i feel like i don't now them already. They changed. Maybe they din relize but i do. Bcause i love them.
I made a friend here in edinburgh. Bt it dosent mean that i forgot them already. We always need friend in our life. kyn! Get friend. A lot of friend.
Wan! Atleast spend sometimes to meet one of us. Spend your time to keep in touch with us. Try to bring us back to ourselve. I don't have anything to say to shifa. bcz i want her to do all. Guys come on! Do contact each other. at least spend ur saturday or sunday to meet each other.

Our Happyness!! SWAN!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

naddy's life chapter 9

Now i am at edinburgh. I really miss my friends. which friend dosen't miss thier friend? tell me? I start school at Boroughmuir high school. i got a new friend. they are so kind and friendly. Morag,hannah, charllote,kristen,heylen, ridha and rebecca. Now SWAN are everywhere. we're not in the same school. Im at far far away from them. Wann change to apiid smart school. Qeen change to USJ 8. theres only shifa in SMK USJ 23. i really miss them. and Syai and danish. they are my bestfriends. i can't stay without SWAN. 2 days in edinburgh for me is like 2 years. Awwww...i hope i can go back to malaysia soon. If i have a wish. i will wish for make the time faster so that i can go back to malaysia. I reallyx1000 miss them. Just bcz of me everyone sprate and i miss my bubbles. Eventhought so many times i say that i hate him... but i really miss him...i just feel so wrong for my self. i hope the scientis will create a timemachine so that i can go to the past and repair all the wrong things i had done. I just like him so much...I can't forget him till now. Eventhought he sid that i am stupid and all bad things about me...He is the one i searching for these dayd.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Naddy's life chapter 7

This is Emilie Terebessy. i call her emz.
she is my BFFL! we meet since 2004. She move beside my house and were friends. she's like my sister. Well she is form 3. But we love acting like a kid. Bcz we love our kid life. If i have a problem she always be my heroe. Duh we fight sometimes. Haha. But if we talk about it she we will feel like shy and laughing. I love her damn much!! I will go to UK and when i come back to malaysia she will not be here. She go back to canada next year before SPM... huwaaaaaa.... But we belive our friendship will neva end...NEVA! Hehe...i spend a lot of time with her. We will go to park near by my houz and start finding something to do..
we explore everywhere in USJ 26 and 27 area. WE climb a gate,Sometimes helping animals and aking pictures!! well thats all...i hope our friendship will last foreva!!